Since 1999, the United States Disc Golf Championship has been a dream come true for those who have witnessed it first-hand.

After the Winthrop Gold Course served as host for the 1997 World Championships, the INNOVA team began developing a plan to organize a top-of-the-line tournament that would combine the best of the best at one course, competing in an atmosphere totally devoted to the experience.

The USDGC has evolved to include a number of innovations: the infamous yellow OB rope, island greens, and challenging stroke & distance scoring to name a few. As far back as 2007, with the help of Disc Golf United, USDGC officials started experimenting with handicapping side action, now known as “Performance Scoring”.

This year, the USDGC is made up of two distinct flights. Open Flight competitors will play using traditional scoring, while Performance Flight competitors will use Performance Scoring; and a Champion will be crowned in both flights.

What is Performance Scoring? Unlike typical stroke-play, Performance Scoring allows players of varying skill levels to compete on an equal basis. Using a unique set of calculations, each player is assigned a “Projected Score” based on their skill level and the layout and difficulty of the course.

Ranking is determined by comparing the “Performance” of each player - which indicates how a player’s actual score compared to their projected score (under, over, or even).

In order to facilitate live scoring, each projected score has been broken down into hole-by-hole ‘Personal Pars’ for each player, which depending upon the player's skill level could be higher or lower than the hole’s actual par.